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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Whatsapp : New Features, Updates and many more

The messaging platform WhatsApp has rolled out several new features for its Android and iOS users. After the updates received in the last few months, you can also use these features on the app and with the help of them, your experience can be improved on WhatsApp. Some features are currently available only to WhatsApp beta testers. Before the rest, any Android or iOS user can join this program to get new features and tests. Users are getting these new features on WhatsApp.

Facebook Story Integration

Users who post 'status' on WhatsApp will now be able to share them directly like Facebook Stories. The 'Share to Facebook' option appears when tapping on the three dots appearing in the status posted on WhatsApp. By tapping on it, WhatsApp state can be posted as a Facebook story.

Fingerprint unlock

WhatsApp fingerprint unlock is now available for Android and iOS users. With the help of this feature, users will be able to unlock the app with the help of their fingerprint and FaceID on the iPhone. When WhatsApp is enabled, it is also giving users the option to load messages from notifications.

Frequency forwarded

The purpose of the WhatsApp Frequent Forwarded Tool is to reduce the spam messages on the app. The tag will tell users that the message sent to them has been forwarded more than five times. This indicates that the message sent is spam.

Executive voice messages

WhatsApp recently updated voice messages so that they can be played continuously. Now users will not have to play multiple voice messages coming together, but after playing the first message, the subsequent messages will play themselves.

Group invitationW

After the special feature comes, you will not be able to add to any redundant groups. If you do not want anyone to add you to the WhatsApp group without your wish, with the help of this feature you can select 'nobody'. After this, whenever someone will add you to the WhatsApp group, you will get an invoice, within three days you can accept this invoice and add it to the group. You can also choose which contacts you can add to a group and which do not.

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